During the week of August 8th-13th I set up an information booth inside of Eyelevel Gallery as part of their members’ weekly show “Biological Society”. Between 2:00pm and 4:00pm I held office hours and, three times a day, I lead groups on walking tours of the neighborhood. Member of the group would decide which areas posed a particular hazard to bees and teeny tiny signs were placed in these areas.I would note the locations in a small notebook as well as the reason for the hazard. Upon our return to the gallery a pin would be placed in a map indication these locations. Every person who participated received a free button in their choice of gold or white. It was lovely to see what happens when you ask a stranger to do something so whimsical. The mood of each of the tours ranged from amused to giddy. It was a great week, thank you to everyone who came out for a tour and a conversation.